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May.O (24/06/2020)
Nice to meet you. My name is May. A 42 year old woman. I live in Japan and work as a writer. I wrote articles for various newspapers and magazines. I was a teacher teaching Japanese how to write beautiful sentences.
I love traveling around the world and want to be able to write and speak more English and French. If you don't mind, let's become friends and teach each other's words. I don't speak much English or French. This self-introduction also relies on Google Translate. I have never taught Japanese to foreigners, but I will do my best while looking at reference books used by Japanese language teachers.
Suzy (20/06/2020)
Hello, everyone. I'm an English teacher for children at elementary school. I would like to exchange the culture with russian new friends in English or Japanese. If you have interests about Japan and Japanese cultures, please feel free to ask me anytime, thank you. I am happy to make friends with you. I do not mind man or woman, young or old. I just would love to know about the different world out of Japan.
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